Shit Office Christmas Decorations

Woo hoo! It’s Christmas! The time when workers all over the city try to briefly alleviate the day to day drudgery of their desk jobs with some well placed, shiny but dangerously flammable decorations. Sounds like good, innocent fun right? Something that inspire a little festive cheer?


Take a look at this shit show.

Can your office top these? If so send me a photo at or @shitlondon on Twitter.

Humbug x

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The sorriest excuse for a xmas tree I think I’ve ever seen. Hanging baubles on it only draws attention to its diminutive stature.

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Somehow just having the one decoration is worse than having none at all.

Photo by @therealMikePyle


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Photo by @julietemple76


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As @monoprixx rightly pointed out, the office looks as if it has been decorated with condoms

Photo by @monoprixx


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Extra points to this one for the well placed fan of trade magazines. They really emphasise the wonder of Christmas.

Photo by @farrcycle


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@Carlos_Adama fell victim to a prank where his colleagues wrapped up everything on his desk. Still, saves them having to buy him a present I suppose.

Photo by @Carlos_Adama


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Photo by @Old_Holborn



Photo by @spiraltastic


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What says Christmas more than dome green tinsel hanging out of a giant metal nose?

Answer, nothing.

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Is it possible for a plant to look humiliated?

Photo by @cragamuffin

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Photo by @robbie_1984

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Can your office top these? If so send me a photo at or @shitlondon on Twitter and I’ll add it to the gallery.


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